Fashion Week Frenzy: Spotlight on Runway Trends

The sweet smell of success is in the air as fashion week brings with it a flurry of high-octane energy and new trends. High-heeled models make their way down the runway in the latest garments, strutting their stuff and showing off their take on this season’s hottest fashion looks. Every year, fashion week attracts hundreds of journalists, photographers and bloggers, all in awe of the bright colors, daring styles, and innovative designs the fashion world has to offer. This year, the spotlight is on runway trends, allowing us to get an exclusive look at the freshest and most daring styles. So join us as we dive into the Fashion Week Frenzy and explore the newest trends this year!

1. Braving the Fashion Week Mayhem

The biggest fashion event of the year is coming and with it an altogether different kind of chaos. Fashion Week is an adrenaline-charged event that takes preparation and finesse to conquer. Here are some tips for braving it:

  • Be well prepared – Fashion Week is an intimidating affair. Plan ahead so that you know what you want to do and whom you want to meet.
  • Stay organized – Juggling events, designers, shows and meetings can get overwhelming. Prepare a calendar of yourself and keep detailed lists handy.

Fashion Week is also the perfect place to stay ahead of trends and to get a glimpse of what’s going to be popular in the upcoming seasons. Look for the new and what’s evolving among the veterans. Talk to the designers, see what their inspiration and ideas are for the upcoming season. Take notes along the way. In addition, don’t forget to make time to also meet potential buyers, the press, and other connections.

At the end of the day, be sure to take care of yourself. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of the event, so rest and recharge when you can. Make sure you get a good nights sleep before the next day, and remember to drink plenty of water.

2. The Catwalks Speak Volumes

Exploring the spring/summer 2020 fashion shows promises a deep insight into the upcoming season. Among the cherry blossoms and blue skies of the fashion week’s venues, bold statements are made through the intricate details of the garments. From statement hairstyles and colorful prints, to the beloved cropped pants and laid-back denim, the catwalks are engaging and inspiring.

Shapeshifting silhouettes, polo necks and frills with an emphasis on androgynous pieces. A succession of innovative earthy colors as inspiration takes on 1970s cues, with minimalism taking over lighter, softer fabrics. Sustainability is also a prevalent concern, giving a voice to those advocating the ethical fashion.

The designs suggest that the awareness of comfort and elegance, as well as attention to fabric details are key in the season’s needs. Whether it is the oversized knits inspired by the street looks of the ’90s, or over-the-top glam garbs, we seek comfort and ease in our wardrobes:

  • Bold statements are made through the intricate details of the garments.
  • Shapeshifting silhouettes and polo necks with an emphasis on androgyny.
  • A succession of innovative earthy colors inspired by the 1970s.
  • An emphasis on comfort and elegance as well as awareness of fabric details.
  • Oversized knits inspired by the street looks of the ’90s and over-the-top glam garbs.

No matter their preferences, fashion-lovers are sure to find their perfect piece to do justice to their individual style. The wave of new season styles speaks volumes about the endless possibilities presented by the modern-day aesthetic.

3. Setting the Runway on Fire

Are you ready for a take-off experience like no other? Here’s your gateway to set the runway on fire. Heat up any runway with the three tips mentioned below to get you off the line with a sizzle.

  • Go Bold: The best way to make your runway look blazing hot is to don your most stylish and audacious items. For the perfect statement, put together wildly coloured, print-rich statement pieces and glam them up with extra details such as accessories and glitz.
  • Be Creative: Statement accessories such as lariats or large scarves can make all the difference in elevating your look. Use bold colours such as reds and yellows for a fiery feeling on the runway.
  • Finish it Off: To complete the look, add a touch of glamour in the form of a mesmerising pair of heels or some edgy boots. These will be sure to have heads turning in the audience.

Set the runway on fire with your runway look and break all the rules! Open the world to an interesting take on your own personal style.

From automated curation tools and micro-influencers to augmented reality and location-based targeting, marketers need to understand the latest trends to delight their customers. Here, we break down the essentials.

1. Automated Curation Tools

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3. Augmented Reality

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4. Location-Based Targeting

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5. Fashion Week Fun: A Reflection

Fashion Week has come and gone, leaving us with some fabulous musings of the most creative minds from the fashion world. Despite the social distancing restrictions, there were plenty of opportunities for virtual fashionistas to see what the haut monde had to offer this season.

The week opened with Gucci’s stunning show at a sprawling 18th-Century Tuscan Villa, presenting dreamy 19th-century gowns that were inspired by the 60s. The hand-crafted details and intricate embellishments created an atmosphere of nostalgia and beauty. It was truly mesmerizing to watch- from high-tech designs to delicate embroidery.

The French maison Dior brought an unforgettable show of fabulous dresses, gowns, and headpieces. Utilizing 3D and digital technology, they created an inventive runway that sparkled against the oversize green walls of the atrium, perfectly capturing the beauty of Dior’s designs.

The innovative styles and unconventional ideas presented during Fashion Week were truly a sight to behold. We marveled at the artful experimentation with textures, while staying true to classic silhouettes of fashion. Here’s a rundown of our favorite highlights:

  • The sleek and graphic ensembles by Givenchy, including a striking hot pink coat paired with a floral kilt.
  • The mix of modern tailoring with subtle frivolity of spring, seen in the Valentino collection.
  • The architectural shapes and streetwear details found in the Fendi collection
  • Soft, neutral hues mixed with bright punches of color by MaxMara

All in all, Fashion Week left us positively inspired and thrilled to continue on with the next season. And it goes without saying, we can’t wait to see what the new collections will emerge next year!

So, as Runway Trends take center stage at this year’s Fashion Week Frenzy, there’s no denying the vitality of fashion in exploring and expressing our individual sense of style. From glamorous gowns to edgy streetwear, the themes and designs represented on the runways offer something for everyone. With that, fashion stands as a unifying force that binds us all together in celebration of the art of self-expression.


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